Nature Links is a fun, educational, fully inclusive forest school and outdoor learning provider, operating in the London Borough of Hounslow. We are also a Community Interest Company - this means that we reinvest any profits into making our sessions bigger, better and more accessible for the community. 

We are on a big mission and have a master plan to get as many children and families as possible to use local parks and spaces and love nature as much as we do. We do this through:

1. Providing inclusive activities
2. Building relationships and strengthening links with our local community
3. Supporting families to have outdoor adventures beyond Nature Links sessions 

In addition, we apply the following values to everything that we do:

- happiness: we are making the world a happier place and doing business in different a way.  We are driven by our purpose and passion, not by profits.  We can guarantee you a friendly, heartfelt and cheerful welcome

-love: we LOVE what we do and we want to share our enthusiasm, passion and expertise with you.  Everything we do is driven by our love for human beings and our planet

play: is how children learn best and they love it.  As Play Champions  we make sure every session provides children and grown ups with the freedom to play, explore and grow

- child centred: we've taught children of all ages and levels, and everyone is welcome.  Their safety, wellbeing and enjoyment is at the  heart of everything we do

 - community support: we run a variety of sessions so that all families can join in.  All of our sessions aim to inspire children and grown ups about how to enjoying spending time in the nature



I enjoyed the gentle pace, lovely environment, sense of peace and seeing my son begin to engage with other children and nature.”
— Parent