Why go outside? Not only is it good for your physical and mental wellbeing, it's good for the future too. The more children get outside the more they connect with nature and want to protect and look after it.

Forest school is an outdoor approach to children's learning.  Sessions  usually take place in the same location for a period of at least six weeks and provide an opportunity for children to be in charge of their own learning.  Children are given the space and freedom to follow their personal interests and develop social and communication skills through team work and adventurous play. 

Children are taught how to take responsibility for their safety and how to experience and navigate risk in a safe and controlled way.  When we eliminate all potential risks we rob children of a valuable learning experience.  At Forest School our automatic response is not, "No that is dangerous, you will get hurt."  We invlove the children in decision making and teach them to think about safety.  We say, "What do you want to do?  What could the risks be?  How could we do that safely?"  Providing children will opportunities to experience risky play, responsibility and challenge, helps to foster self-confidence and raise self-esteem.  The more things they try, the more they succeed, the better they feel, the more they try....  

The approach encourages children to gain a deep connecton to nature and the natural area around them.   We adventure all year round, in all weathers.  Therefore, they will notice all the wonderful big and tiny changes in the environment as the seasons change.    

Strong positive relationships are a key part of Forest School.  During the learning journey mutual trust and respect between all adults and children will be encouraged through team building games, group challenges and shared experiences.   This provides the perfect environment for children to learn about safe tool use and fire and to keep trying out and build upon their newly learned skills.

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Loved it! Great location and engaging activities. I feel very blessed to have discovered Nature Links. Both experiences have clearly enriched T’s confidence and learning.
— Parent