There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.  It is really important to be dressed properly for your outdoor adventures.  The better you are dressed the longer you can stay outside safely.   These suggestions are suitable for big and small explorers.

All year round

This basic adventuring kit is a good and versatile start to adventuring.Waterproofs - they stop you getting wet and they stop you from being scratched by bushes or bitten by hungry insects.  You can buy a thin all in one or jacket to go over coats or a thicker onsie or jacket and trousers

  • Welly boots or sturdy shoes - the perfect footwear keeps you safe and dry.  Shoes must be suitable for climbing and walking on uneven ground

  • Long trousers - help to keep you warm, stops wellies from rubbing legs and if it's too hot for waterproofs protects your legs from scratches

  • Long sleeved t-shirt - helps to keep you warm and if it's hot your arms will still be covered so that you dont get scratched


In addition to the All Year Around list we also suggest you wear;

  • Base layer/thermal vest and leggings - to keep you warm

  • Layers - an extra long sleeved t-shirt to keep heat in

  • Fleece or warm jumper

  • Coat - if you have thin waterproofs you might want your coat underneath

  • Hat and scarf

  • Waterproof gloves

  • Insoles - they make wellies or walking boots a bit more toasty in Winter

  • Welly warmers or ski socks - fleece liners inside wellies help to keep them warm with one normal pair of socks OR wear a pair of ski socks with an insole

  • Feet - make sure you don't put too many layers on.  If the air can't move around feet then little toes will get cold

Spring and Autumn

  • Layer - an extra long or short sleeved t-shirt

  • Fleece or warm jumper

  • Hat and gloves - sometimes it can be a bit crisp out

  • Warm socks


  • Sunhat - to keep the sun off of faces and necks

  • Suncream - to prevent burning

  • Insect repellant - to keep any biting insects away

  • Long Sleeved t-shirt - incase it's too hot for a jacket - keep those arms covered to protect from biting insects and tree scratches


  • Extra Layer - whatever the time of year you always need atleast one extra layer when it's raining
  • Hat - a waterproof or warm hat under your hood can be useful when it's raining too